Book an appointment with RADON ASSOCIATES LLC using SetMore
Book an appointment with RADON ASSOCIATES LLC using SetMore

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If you want a professional certified radon test performed please use the Pay Now button to pay for the test in advance first.  Once payment is made you can then use the Book Appointment button to schedule your test or if you prefer you can call us toll-free at:  (866) MY-RADON  during normal business hrs.


If you have already tested and know you have a high radon level we are here to help!  Want a FREE mitigation quote?  Enter information about your project below and then use the Book Appointment button above to schedule a time for us to come visit your house in person.  If you prefer or need something fast just call us at:

(866) MY-RADON 

​during normal business hours.

Also use the form below to have us automatically remind you of your certified bi-annual radon testing requirements.  Just include the date of your last test and we will send you a reminder to your email address about a week before your next test is due.

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Radon Associates LLC

915 131st Ave

New Richmond WI 54017

(866) MY-RADON

​(866) 697-3466

​Our business hours:  

7 days a week 8 am - 8 pm

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