• We provide third party radon testing for real estate transactions.
  • We are nationally certified in radon testing and mitigation services.
  • We are listed on both the MN and WI dept of Health websites as an approved radon testing and mitigation provider. 
  • We are MN, WI and FL Licensed/Certified for testing and mitigation
  • We only use advanced calibrated continuous radon monitors.
  • We have our own Supra keys.
  • We use Showing Time for scheduling our appointments
  • We are able to quote a mitigation system if needed on the spot and arrange for the installation of the mitigation system. 
  • We try to fit into your schedule not ours.
  • We offer service agreements
  • We are the local guys
  • Service, Service, Service!

We are your one stop shop for everything radon related.  Use us for fast, reliable, and accurate radon testing and if needed we can also arrange to have a radon mitigation system installed.  We have worked with many satisfied realtors and home inspectors in the past and are able to get the job done and in time for closing.   We understand the time constraints in a real estate transaction.  Make the one call to us and let us take care of the radon issue for you and your client. 

We offer same day delivery of a radon test so you will know the results fast!  After setting up the test your clients can have the radon test results in their hands as soon as two days!

Stop calling around trying to see who can fit you into their schedule...One call to us does it all.   We do all that we can to fit into your schedule and not you fitting into ours.

Do you have a seller concerned about having a home inspection with a radon test being done by potential buyers?  Get a leg up on your buyers!  Have your seller schedule a test with us and know before the offers start coming in that radon will not be an issue.  By testing early in the selling process this gives us ample time to take care of any radon problem without having to pay for a rush job.  Get it taken care of before the house goes on the market and know that radon will not be an issue in the selling process!

Radon Testing and Home Sales: A Case Study  from the American Lung Association

Realtor Radon Awareness Toolkit  from the American Lung Association

Information for FL Real Estate Agents  from the FL dept of Health

General Fact Sheet  from the FL dept of Health

Wisconsin Home Buyers and Sellers Brochure  from the WI dept of Health

Radon in Real Estate Transactions  from the MN dept of Health

Radon: Keeping you safe from radon  from the MN dept of Health

We only use certified/Licensed and insured Contractors and sub-contractors

Realtors/Home Inspectors register with us for preferential pricing and scheduling for your clients. 

***Must be a licensed/certified professional***