RADON TESTING.  Family owned and operated, we perform in home professional certified/licensed radon testing throughout the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding communities including Western Wisconsin.  Our professional technicians strictly follow all of the EPA's testing protocols.  From real estate transactions to concerned home owners, we provide quick and accurate testing through the exclusive use of advanced electronic continuous radon monitors.  We are able to offer fast and valid radon test results in your hands as soon as two days.  Other testing companies and testing equipment can take weeks or longer to get your test results to you.  Cost for this service is $125-$200 depending upon your location.  After scheduling your test we will send out an invoice to be paid online.  Schedule your test with us today!  Radon Testing

We also offer this same advanced electronic continuous radon monitor testing via mail and email as well!  This service is provided throughout the whole United States.  This is a service for homeowners only, who want an advanced radon test performed on their house.  This service is NOT a valid option for real estate transactions.  After purchasing this option we send out a pre-programmed machine to your home with the guidance on how to set it up and where to locate the machine within the home.  The cost for this service anywhere in the United States is $75 and includes shipping both ways.  After ordering your test we will send out an invoice to be paid online.  Order your test today!  DIY Radon Testing

MITIGATION SERVICES.  Through our exclusive network of certified/licensed radon mitigation system installers we offer start-to-finish solutions for every radon project. We offer full radon mitigation system design and installation services.  Schedule your mitigation quote today!  Radon Mitigation

SERVICE CONTRACTS.  We offer home owners piece of mind service contracts that can be purchased at deep discounts vs. purchasing the services separately. 

     Automatic testing service contracts-  The EPA

     recommends that every house should be tested for

     radon and fixed if needed.  They also recommend that

     homeowners should re-test every two years no matter if

     you originally tested below the recommended action            level set by the EPA of 4 pCi/L or if you already have a

     mitigation system in your home.  We offer automatic bi-

     annual testing contracts from 2-10 years.

     Inspection service contracts-  Most mitigation system

     installers offer a short warranty on their installed

     systems.  But they leave it up to you to find a fault in the

     system and hope that it doesn't occur during their

     warranty period.  We provide inspection services by our

     certified installers that will keep you breathing easy

     knowing that a radon professional has inspected the

     whole system from top to bottom.  We offer annual

     Inspection contracts from 1-10 years.

     Combined testing and inspection service

     contracts-  We also offer a combined contract that

     incorporates both services in one package.  We offer

     these combined contracts from 2-10 years.


We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work, and you'll agree that we're the best choice for your home or commercial radon testing and mitigation project.

* We only use certified/licensed and insured Contractors and sub-contractors

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